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May '15

Phu Quoc Island

Source : Vietnam Travel

One of Vietnam’s star attractions, mountainous and forested Phu Quoc is a splendid tropical getaway set with beautiful white-sand beaches and quaint fishing villages. Adventure comes in many forms here – from motorbiking the empty dirt roads circling the island to sea kayaking its quiet inlets, scuba diving the coral reefs or simply having a bang-up seafood meal followed by a cocktail on the beach. Once a sleepy, backpackers’ retreat, Phu Quoc has ramped up tourism significantly, and visitors can now choose between five-star resorts and rustic family-run bungalows. Plans are underway for developing the island even more heavily – a la Phuket style. If package tourism isn’t your bag, get there now before this happens.
The tear-shaped island lies in the Gulf of Thailand, 45km west of Ha Tien and 15km south of the coast of Cambodia. At 48km long (with an area of 1320 sq km), Phu Quoc is Viet­nam’s largest island and its most politically contentious: Phu Quoc is claimed by Cam­bodia; its Khmer name is Ko Tral – which is why the Vietnamese have built a substantial military base covering much of the northern end of the island (thankfully, the military presence is fairly invisible).

Phu Quoc Island served as a base for the French missionary Pigneau de Behaine during the 1760s and 1780s. Prince Nguyen Anh, who later became Emperor Gia Long, was sheltered here by Behaine when he was being hunted by the Tay Son Rebels.

Phu Quoc is not really part of the Mekong Delta and doesn’t share the delta’s extraordinary ability to produce rice. The most valuable crop is black pepper, but the islanders here have traditionally earned their living from the sea. Phu Quoc is also famous in Vietnam for its production of high-quality fish sauce (nuoc mam).

The island has some unusual hunting dogs, which have ridgebacks, curly tails and blue tongues and are said to be able to pick up their masters’ scent from over 1km away (the nuoc mam their masters eat certainly helps). Unfortunately, the dogs have decimated much of the island’s wildlife.

Despite the impending development (of a new international airport, a golf course and a casino), much of this island is still protected since becoming a national park in 2001. Phu Quoc National Park covers close to 70% of the island, an area of 31, 422 hectares.

Phu Quoc’s rainy season is from July to November. The peak season for tourism is midwinter, when the sky is blue and the sea is calm; however, when it’s not raining it’s stinking hot. Bring sunglasses and plenty of sunblock. Take plenty of water when setting out to explore the island.

May '15

Travel to Co To Island, Bai Tu Long Bay, near Ha Long Bay

Located about 150km from  Ha Long City, Ha Long Bay, Co To has length of sea border (with China) over 200km, connected to waters of Bach Long Vi island district, Hai Phong Bay into northern waters.

With an area of ​​46.2 square kilometers, with about 50 islands, large and small islands .. To Islands rich with ancient fishing. The difference between Co To and other islands in Vietnam is the economic diversity of terrain here.

The small coastal fishing village, the car and the hill. The narrow valley green rice season. Co To is one of the islands enough fresh water and forests possess many characteristics, such as rare sea Seafood, Bao Ngu.vv Coastal culture make specific definition for delirium proud inhabitants. The land that separate Co To gentle sea just like a picture, just home. Gives travelers the same level different feeling on the season. The gardent natural rocks such as Europe, blue water and shoals of fish swimming are the points that you will meet it at Co To Island. With just a simple snorkel, jackets and safety equipment, you can soaking and find the fish, seaweed and coral you loved. Also here there are trekking tours, adventure tours, diving, kayaking, fishing with fishermen, squid … and make collection photograph.


To know more information of Co To Island, please access on website: http://coto.vnhttp://cotolodge.com/


Contact: (+84) 988071100


May '15

Vietnam Information – Discover the beauty of Vietnam through Culture, Cuisine, People and Travel

 Hello! And welcome to Vietnam. What images spring to mind when you think of  Vietnam ? Non la emerging from lizard green rice paddies? Grainy black and white colonial-era photographs of slender. dark-haired women in flowing white Ao Dai dresses? Soldiers and red flags? Shinning exotic white-sand beaches fringed with coconut palms? Luxurious Asian style resorts and golf courses? Saigon, the exciting southern city, or Hanoi , the northern Vietnamese capitalHue , the ancient capital of Vietnam  to Dalat, the romantic city, fabulous sites as the World Heritage, Halong Bay.
Vietnam is all these things and more, a country with a past as rich as the Soil in the blazing green deltas. This past reads like a romantic legend full of heroic struggles and astounding victories, whereby this small country retained its Vietnam Culture, absorbing and adapting the strengths of its foes but never losing its traditions or its sense of Vietnam History.

Welcome to Vietnam Information Online site – Provide more information about Vietnam country, people, culture, history, geography, cuisine, destinations and pictures

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Jul '10

‘Hangin’ in Hanoi

Much has changed, but much has stayed the same as Hanoi’s famous old quarter weathers the storms of modernity

A foreigner stops by a ceramic shop in Hang Be (raft) Street which dealt exclusively in rafts in the old days

Hanoi’s old quarter doesn’t seem so old. Continue reading "‘Hangin’ in Hanoi" »

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Jun '10

Sticky: Life is too short to miss a dive.

Don’t be scared! this is what you need first for a scuba diving jump. In fact, scuba diving is most relaxing and full of astonishment. Continue reading "Sticky: Life is too short to miss a dive." »

May '10

Ocean Beach Resort in Cat Ba needs maintenance and to be more friendly

I recently have done an inspection to Cat Ba Ocean Beach resort. In general, the resort is ok. However there are certain points that I would like to note:

– The pictures of the beach in front of the resort in the brochures are fake.
– The water is not clean during the summer time and is only clear after October
– There is a lack of good maintenance, bushes are not well cared, water leaking under the bungalows. The bases of the bungalows have an ugly look. As the whole, the resort is running down. Continue reading "Ocean Beach Resort in Cat Ba needs maintenance and to be more friendly" »

May '10

Rock Climbing Extreme in Cat Ba island

Rock climbing has been very popular around the world but has only begun to develop in Vietnam. It was a great chance for me during a recent trip in Cat Ba island to join with a group of climbers of multiple nationalities, with most of them being expats living in Hanoi. We spent 2 days and 1 night together on a junk tailed by a number of kayaks, cruising around Lan Ha bay and Halong bay, discovering the climbing routes which had already been established by other climbers and also looking for new cliffs in order to form new routes in this area consisting of thousands of rocky islets. Continue reading "Rock Climbing Extreme in Cat Ba island" »

Dec '07

New experience at Tan Da resort

A full day to discover and experience the atmosphere and comfort of Tan Da resort might not be enough. On Dec 01, 2007, our group consisting of 50 classmates boarded a 45 seater bus and drove on to Son Tay town (50 km west of Hanoi) and continued for another 15 km to reach Tan Da resort. Continue reading "New experience at Tan Da resort" »

Aug '07

Quan Lan island – Jewel of Halong Bay

A visit to the well-known Halong bay can be added with better values by a retreat to an island in the extension part of the bay, so called Bai Tu Long bay – Quan Lan island, now getting ever hot as a new and authentic eco-marine destination. Continue reading "Quan Lan island – Jewel of Halong Bay" »

Jul '07

Along the river of Mekong

Along the river of Mekong through Champasak, Kratie, Kompomcham & Siem Reap
June 29 – July 03, 2007

My trip this time had a lot of things to do with the Mekong, taking ferries across and along the river, watching the fishermen catching the fish, meeting the dolphins, seeing the water fall, and staying every night at a hotel on the river. The route started from the triangle border of Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia to Attapeu, Champasak in Laos, going down to Kratie, Kompocham and continued to Siemreap in Cambodia. Continue reading "Along the river of Mekong" »