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Jun '10

Sticky: Life is too short to miss a dive.

Don’t be scared! this is what you need first for a scuba diving jump. In fact, scuba diving is most relaxing and full of astonishment.

me and Vy- my dive partner

Scuba diving is a kind of underwater dive when you go down into the water with basically a self-contained compressed air bottle and a pair of fins. In Vietnam, one can do scuba diving in Danang, Nha trang, Phu Quoc and Con Dao, but Nha trang has been reportedly the best location for this kind of activity, amazing as it is, having 16 different diving spots and 12 diving clubs.

Don’t feel restrained if you cannot swim or never get under the water, because you will miss to see this amazing underworld that the dive can offer.

On my trip to dive in Nha trang recently, we were accompanied by a team of experienced dive masters both Vietnamese and expats from the US and Russia (Russian guys are famous at diving). Tea, coffee and fruits were served on the deck while we were cruising to the dive location near the Mun islet in Nha trang, one of the masters were giving us a briefing about the underwater tour with necessary sign languages and instruction on helping ourself with pressure compensation in our ears as well as on how to use our diving set, we were eager to begin a jump.

For beginners like us, we must be accompanied by a dive master for the whole diving session as a part of security. For those experienced divers having PADI certificates, they can be free to dive on their own. In Nha trang, normal dive is down to maximum 6 meters and deep dive can be down to 30 meters.

I was totally amazed by the beauty and diversification of the coral reefs in Nha Trang, the views with so many colorful and strange-looking types of fish and other species are just spectacular. Because of the crystal water and the sun, everything is clear even at the depth of 6 meters. I had 30 minutes of cruising between the corals with my divefins, touching the corals, playing with the fish. As soon as we got to the surface, the dive master asked what I was thinking, my immediate answer was “Just can’t wait for the 2nd diving location”.

The second location was about 15 minutes by boat away and we were in the middle of rocky islands where the swallow birds live and this is where bird-nests are havested by the locals as well. We were intimidated to see men with rifles guarding these rocks and ready to shoot at the divers who would come close to dive. Anyway, we arrived at our place and off we went for the second dive. This time the dive master was taking me alittle bit deeper (around 7 meters) and we were going through small caves. We could see fish as big as a palm traveling in groups of hundreds and hiding from the sun under those caves.

We ended our trip with full of memories and were anxious to see signs of polution thread to this precious wonder. For myself, the legacy confronting me was from the compressed air which was too dry, and because I took 2 sessions at a time, I suffered a sore throat for the following a couple of days. But it was really worth it.

Mark- my American dive master

The rocks where we did the second dive, close to bird-nest area

Me after the first jump

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